Cutest. Fabric. Everrr.

Okay, you already know I am biased, but I am in love with our Sushi Roll fabric packs!


Aren’t they adorable?!  I could just eat them up.  Sizeable chunks of our lovely, textured Asian fabrics (approx. fat eighth size each), thoughtfully curated and color-coordinated into 5-pack or 6-pack bundles.  All ready for you to take home and get to sewin’.

P1080218The process of selecting and bundling these fabrics takes time: sharp eyes look for good coordination of color, scale, and even theme to ensure you have an amazing array of Asian wonders to add to your fabric diet.

I think they are the perfect tidbit to get your feet wet with sewing true, treasured Asian fabrics.


Wondering what you could sew with these?  Well, one of our employees took home a pack and stitched up a pillow, using simple Seminole piecing.



Another employee has her eye on the Sew Together Bag (a class coming up on September 26th) as a way to play with these Asian beauties.

For yet more inspiration, look no further than the classic Bento Box pattern.  Colorful Sushi Roll scraps might be just the flavor you need for the centers of this traditional pattern; you could pair this treasure trove of loveliness with muted fabrics from your stash.  There is a wonderful Bento Box quilt on display in the shop right now–more food for your quilting imagination!


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