What Makes New Pieces a Really Special Place for Quilters and Fabric Lovers?

We know about quiltmaking. We know LOTS AND LOTS about quilt making.
We know about techniques, how to start, how to continue, and how to finish a quilt.
We know about COLOR. We KNOW LOTS about color.
We are skilled in assisting you in finding something that works for your project...for your friend, for your family, or for you!
We know the impact color has on us, and we love that.

Come on in and see...it's magic!
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Meet the People of New Pieces...


Sharona Fischrup is a long-time quilter, a long arm quilter, and the owner of New Pieces. She loves people and color.  Sharona has a knack for seeing what is good in quilts and in people, and she’s always seeking to join good people together in communities. 














  Bari Cornet  

Bari joined the New Pieces staff after many years of coming to the shop as a wonderful customer. She loves quilting, and quilters. She loves the community, has served it well...in many many ways. She is as colorful and bright as this photo indicates...Come in a see what we mean! She's one of a kind...

Susan LambertSusan Lambert

Susan joined the New Pieces staff after serving as a Medical Doctor for many years. What would YOU do if you retired from being a physician??? DUH! Well, Susan also loves singing, along with quilting. She sings soprano with 60 other people in the Contra Costa Chorale. She is also a soprano in her church choir.  Oh, and she is the current co-chair for Voices in Cloth 2014 for our wonderful local guild EBHQ! AND, can you tell, she LOVES COLOR!