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Tuesday-Saturday 10 am - 6 pm

Sunday  noon - 4 pm



Next to the Gilman Grill 

!!!Our entrance is in the Parking LOT!!!



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Bess and Daughter with Daughter and Daughter's FIRST quilt

(made when she was 7 years old!)

Bess Chin and her daughter with daughter's 1st quilt, made when she was 7

See Joy Troyer's BOM Quilt

in our "Show and Tell" section.


NEW PIECES is a unique quilting shop located in Berkeley, CA. We specialize in contemporary, color-saturated fabrics, a huge selection of batiks, and authentic Japanese fabrics. We carry around 5000 bolts of fabrics, over 200 book titles, and a wide variety of quilting supplies and magazines.


May/June Happenings:

Classses: See class calendar for details on all our classes

"(Improv) Techniques" with Mike MacNamara. May 21st, from 10:30-4. Cost: $55

"(Improv) Techniques #2" with Mike MacNamara. June 4th, from 10:30-4. Cost: $55

"Glacier Star: Technique of the Month" with Jeanette Walton. Techinques 5 & 6 (Feathered Star & Circling Geese). June 11th, from 10-5.

"Awesome Asian Block of the Month" with Jane Strem. June 12th, from 11:30-12. New BOM starting!

"Pop Art Pup" with Nancy Brown. June 12th, from 12-4. Cost: $38

"(Improv) Techniques #3" with Mike MacNamara. June 18th, from 10:30-4. Cost: $55

"House Quilt" with Freddy Moran. June 25th, from 10-4. Cost: $95

"Embroidery" with Pattie Klimek. June 26th, from 12:30-3:30. Cost: $29



Ongoing In-Store events:

Awesome Asian Block of the Month, Second Sundays with New Pieces Staff
On the second Sunday of every month, from 11:30am - 12pm, an enthusiastic staff member will teach you how to make one Asian-themed block, which you can then turn into a pillow, or combine them for a quilt. Each month will teach different skills and techniques, including templates, applique, and sashiko. For more information, please go to our classes calendar.

Block of the Month, First Saturdays with Alla Blanca
On the first Saturday of every month, from 9:00am - 9:30am, Alla will teach you how to make one block, which you can then turn into a pillow, or combine them for a quilt. Each month's block builds on the skills learned the month before, and allows for review as well as learning new skills. For more information, please go to our classes calendar.

Finish-It-Up Fridays.
On the last friday of each month, from 1-5, you can come by, and use our classroom to finish up your projects. You can use our tables, irons, and some other tools to help you finish up that project! No sign-up necessary, just come by.
Cost: $5



We at New Pieces are committed to serving the Quilting Community by inspiring each person's Creativity, Abundance, Joy and Happiness... and having these in great quantity in our own lives and in the lives of those we love.


It's been over 30 years since New Pieces opened its doors.

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New Pieces' most important feature is the quality of the people who work here. Together, we have accumulated hundreds of years of quilting experience, and we remember making our very first quilts too. We are beyond happy to support you in your quilting projects.  We work here because we love fabric and the people who come here because they love fabric.

New Pieces is hiring!!!

Part-time position for fabric lovers and quilters. Be a part of the quilting community and come in with your résumé and fill out and application.



Wonderful fabrics to make you HAPPY



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