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May 12″ x 12″ Quiltlets

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

The theme was “May __________” and the responses were delightful!

“May’s Green Grass Turns to Gold,” Pat Dicker

“May the Force be With You,” Mary Risard Burnett

“Ant Bivalence,” by Lolly Schiffman

“May-Nays,” by Annalisa Tay

“A Bike RIde in May,” by Roxanne Fiscella

“May All Beings Live in Peace,” by Jane Voytek

“May I Eat with You?” by Claire Adams

“Mother May I?” by Sharona Fischrup

“After the Picnic’s Over,” by Kathy Ritter

“May Day Picnic,” by Nancy Sumner

“May Apple,” by Heather Jacobsen

“Mayan Galactic Butterfly: Hunab Ku,” by Lissa Miner

And the Official “Favorite” for May, 2012 is:

“Mae Has Ants in Her Pants,” Fern Royce

Join us for June (the June theme is “Out” and the deadline is always the last day of the month)

Voting for each month’s “Favorite” takes place the first five days of the following month (June voting, for May, etc.) at New Pieces Quilt Store.

“Spring” is in the Air — and on the Wall!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

We received 17 amazing 12″ x 12″ quiltlets celebrating “Spring” by the March 31st deadline. Please stop by New Pieces and vote for your favorite between now and 6:00pm on April 5th if you can. The piece with the most votes will win a home made ribbon and a $10 New Pieces gift certificate.

We picked a complicated theme fabric for March, but evidence shows it didn’t slow our quilters down very much.  Each piece has a story, and some of those stories are available on the Facebook page  New Pieces 12 x 12″ x 12″ Challenge . The April Challenge has just begun, and the challenge “kit” (theme word & fat 1/8 of the theme fabric) are available at New Pieces. We welcome you to come play with us — just for the fun of it!


 by Barbara Hazard                                                 by Joy Troyer


by Mary Risard Burnett                                         by Julie Banfield


by Sharona Fischrup                                               by Jane Voytek


by Shawn Dubin                                                         by Helen Zung


by Claire Adams                                                        by Roxanne Fiscella

by Lisa Doyen                                                          by Sharon Whipkey


by Karen Dugas                                                          by Lissa Miner


by Heather Jacobsen                                                  by Kathy Ritter

by Pat Dicker


Important Rules from Singer – circa 1949

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

The following rules for sewing were recently found on the Internet, and posted in the New Pieces bathroom, by Sharona Fishrup:

I apologize for the poor quality of the photo,  taken with a “smart” phone. While it’s true that an organized workspace helps one be creative and work more efficiently — few of us could ever sew if all these requirement were prerequisite.  And no, New Pieces does not carry bags of French chalk for your fingertips.

Imagine how life has changed over the last 62 years — and what future quilters will say about us in another 62 years!

Rearranging the Fabric…

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Only our regular customers will be confused, but Staff (and friendly customers) have been moving the fabric around the Store. The most noticeable change is documented below:

















Where once a wall of black and white fabrics greeted you at the door, there is now an equally wonderful section of more modern prints, organized by designer.

Don’t panic! The black and whites have moved to a place slightly farther from the door. With more space they can exhale, and expand a little, too.

There is now also a bay of fabrics at 25% off 1/2 yard cuts, in addition to the 1/2 price bay. There are many more subtle changes, and we hope you’ll check in with us about the ones that work and the ones that don’t. Our goal is always to remain recognizably the New Pieces you know and love — but still to find ways we can improve what we do… you know that quilters love to hear “Oh, that works!”



P.S. For those of you less familiar with the New Pieces Quilt Store, there is a “tour” of the Store (in photos) on the New Pieces Quilt Store page on Facebook. Enjoy!





Mystery Quilter – Chapter 2

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

YOU ARE INVITED:  to meet the second “Mystery Quilter” . The MQ is a member of our New Pieces community who has something to share — a special technique, beautiful quilt(s), a wonderful story. Only the class coordinator knows the identity of this month’s MQ, and she’s not telling.  Come join us on a free, lunch-time adventure, starting promptly at 12:30. Plenty of room, but limited seating available.


WHEN? Tuesday April 19th, 12:30 – 1:30 pm

WHERE? New Pieces Quilt Store, 766 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA

WHO?  Well … you’re the one we invited — and we won’t know who the Mystery Quilter is until show ‘n tell begins.

Bring your lunch and a friend if you wish.


The Mystery Quilter is among us — Who will it be this time?  Shhh..!

Quilt #5401 – Emily’s Butterfly Quilt

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Emily brought this wonderful butterfly in for quilt service awhile back, and picked it up this week. While the picture shows an expanse of white batting, the quilt itself is actually round.  Emily said she made the quilt with her grandmother’s help, when she was 14 (not all that long ago, we think, though she is certainly all grown up, now).  She said she’d never known quite how to finish it….  The quilting was done with variegated thread; and is similar in design to the picture Emily brought in, from the original instructions. What a treasure!

More Pillowcases and New Friends

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Last week, we mentioned custom pillowcases as one thoughtful, personal gift you still have time to make for someone special, this year.

Today we were visited by Romy and Angelica Scott of San Francisco. They brought with them a number of lovely pillowcases they’d made as gifts for a range of personalities.

They came to New Pieces for our fabric selection and were specifically interested in finding “pirate” fabrics for a little boy.  We were happy to be able to help, and we asked them for permission to show you their project.

By the way — in chatting with the Scotts, we also discovered that they’d come from volunteering this morning at St. Anthony’s. What a full and lovely day they had!

New Pieces’ customers are the best!


Boxed Goodies For the Holidays!

Monday, December 20th, 2010

This time of year we all love to give (and get) yummy gifts…

that make us feel special and appreciated.

New Pieces has  just such a gift for you —  or a special quilter friend — this year.

Our staff has carefully chosen and combined fat quarters into “themed” gift boxes.

They would look perfect tucked under your Christmas tree…

or as a surprise in the middle of a quilter’s worktable!




New Pieces boxed set - Asianesque

New Pieces boxed set - burlesque

New Pieces boxed set - retro








Priced from about $16 to $25, they run the gamut from Asianesque to burlesque, to modern to retro… to simply adorable.  Each one has the potential to be the starter for your next quilt.

Give one as a promise to make that quilt for someone special this year, or as an invitation…

We think these beat a box of See’s chocolates… both have great taste —  but these are 100% non-fattening!