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About “Licensed” Fabrics

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

From V.I.P.’s Countryside – Hautman Collection

New Pieces has received a few bolts of fabric over the last few months with this statement (or similar) on the selvedge.  It turns out the debate over control of the design of fabric that goes into your project is again warming up.

Here’s the history:  There has always been an issue regarding the use of commercially licensed fabrics in quilts and other textile-based crafts.  A few years ago there was a frou-frou about Amy Butler designed fabrics and others that were re-worked designs from a vintage collection, or from unknown vintage designers. The link above is to a summary blog post on that issue which includes many useful links about fair use and copyright. (The blog is called “True Up” and the blogger is listed as “Kim” – more information when I have it!)

So here’s the new issue:  We are receiving fabric  — currently from only one or two sources — that isn’t licensed or even very singular in design. Sharona has been asking our distributors for clarification, and I have been doing some research. For us it’s not sufficient that the manufacturers and reps  “think” the statement is not a problem our customers need to worry about. The definition of “individual consumption” is unclear.  It may be that personal use, or a gift given to a family member is not a problem — or that a few items on, or a few dozen for the church craft-fair. My personal belief is that it’s an unenforceable standard just intended as a warning or threat, and that a few years from now the issue will be clear and settled…

In the meantime:  New Pieces has taken the position that we will not currently order fabric with this statement (or similar) because of the confusion surrounding this issue. If fabric so marked arrives in the store we will return it to the manufacturer.  We confess to having a handful of bolts on the shelves already, and we can’t send them back. We trust in the intelligence and discernment of our customers to make informed decisions about what constitutes fair use, and will point out the warning when we see it.

If nothing else, we have the makings of an interesting discussion — We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and admit to the inconvenience it has caused us.

Why Yes, We Do Have Organic Cottons….

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

15 bolts of solid “sheeting” weight fabrics in vivid colors

Plus an adorable selection of “Robot” themed prints, made in the same vivid, low-impact dyes. All these organics are standard 44″ width, and yes they cost a little bit more than the equivalent. Come See!

Extra-wide Fabric (We Have Your Back!)

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

With the latest arrivals, we now have a wonderful selection of extra-wide fabrics for quilt backs, comforter covers or anything else for which you need stunning 100% cottons in widths from 106″ to 112″.

  Amazing and easy — and less costly than piecing a comparable back!

More Fabric!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


We are swimming in amazing new fabric again this week, and invite you to come stick your toes in if you get the chance. These are from a group of stunning oversize print fabrics guaranteed to challenge even intrepid sewers/sewists. Come see!

New “Solids” at New Pieces!

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Among the bolts of new fabrics that arrived in the Store this week were sets of bolts that cheerfully strain the concept of “solid” color. While a picture is worth a thousand words — no picture can really do adequate service to these fabrics. We encourage you to look for them the next time you are in the Store. They may not be with us long.

There are eight bolts of this clear gem-toned cloth, each with the same, subtle, printed “texture” that lets them perform as slightly more than solid.

There are also 11 new bolts of an amazing fabric called “Lumiere Sateen”.  Cotton sateen ombres that glow. We’re speechless.


If you have a project in the planning stage for which you needed “Solids +”, these may be the fabrics for which you were waiting.

The pictures can at least give you an idea…


Interrupting our Regular Progamming for This Important Message!

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

All 10 of your local quilt shops are offering a “Customer Appreciation” sale this Friday and Saturday:

Quilter’s Quest

Customer Appreciation Weekend

May 20-21, 2011

Friday & Saturday

Regular Store Hours

Ten shops in the San Francisco Bay Area have joined together to show you, our loyal customers, how

much we appreciate you!

Enjoy 20% off on-bolt fabric (half-yard cut minimum), And enter to win a $100 gift certificate at each


Mark your calendars for this fun-filled weekend

Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe (707) 438-2969

1001 W. Texas St. Ste. A

Fairfield, Ca. 94533


Cotton Patch                  (925) 284-1177

1025 Brown Avenue

Lafayette, Ca. 94549


Main Street Quilts         (925) 372-3700

533 Main Street

Martinez, Ca 94553


New Pieces                    (510) 527-6779

766 Gilman & 4th St.

Berkeley, Ca. 94710


Picket Fence Quilts        (415) 892-8380

6090 Redwood Blvd.

Novato, Ca.  94945


Queen B’s Quilt Shop     (925) 9784587

720 W 2nd Street

Antioch, Ca. 94509


Quilt Fans                     (510) 749-6717

2205 Harbor Bay Pkwy

Alameda, Ca. 94502


Quilted Vine                  (707) 546-0750

1591 Farmers Lane

Santa Rosa, Ca.  95405


Quiltmaker                    (707) 252-6793

1275 Napa Town Center

Napa, Ca. 94559


ThimbleCreek                 (925) 676-5522

1150 Burnett Ave. #D

Concord, Ca.  94520



A Day at the Store…

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

When I came to work on Thursday, Mary Mix’s purple 9-patch quilt was on a table being carefully checked for loose threads.

It is an almost mesmerizing quilt. The more we looked, the more different, and interesting fabric choices we found.

The quilting pattern she selected complements the pattern well, too. It’s “swoopy” not square, and I think she chose a variegated thread as well.  Thanks Mary, for letting us share your quilt!




Tips for New Piecers – Take Pictures!

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Last week I finished a jacket that was intended as a birthday present for my wonderful mother-in-law.

Caroline is a gardener and bird-watcher, living in the cold, cold Midwest. The jacket was meant to give her a warm hug on her February birthday —  when we couldn’t be there to do it in person. I was thrilled with the fabrics I found — and, since I only have one jacket pattern,  I was set! Having procrastinated far too effectively, I laid the jacket out and sewed it up over the course of two or three days.  I made some truly creative fixes to my mistakes, a la Lisa’s quilt.  I hemmed the jacket on birthday-minus-3 day; then affixed two silk frog fasteners and mailed it off.

No picture. Oops! I can show you the fabrics — and I can remind you to always take pictures before mailing gifts to your loved ones. Most of us stop short of carrying those little “brag” books in our purses, but I’ve yet to meet a quilter who doesn’t want to see what you’re working on!

See you at the Store. And please, bring pictures!  — Heather


Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Color is SUCH a personal thing! Everyone sees color differently: everyone responds differently to different colors.

Next month we’re offering two different classes with the word “Color” in the title.

Becky Keck’s Free-form Pieced Color Study class uses small units of fabrics sewn together to learn how color works in relationship to other colors. It’s an intuitive way to learn how color behaves in your quilts.

Carol Lee Blangsted’s class Create with Color takes a more formal approach to learning about color.  You’ll learn how to use the color wheel to your advantage when constructing a quilt. Students will make small pieces in various color combinations for later use as examples.

Which class you choose to take depends on your personality, perhaps. Of course, you could take both and REALLY saturate yourself in color!
To add icing to the cake, Becky and Carol Lee are also offering their ever-popular “dog and pony show”, Sooo Many Fabrics! It’s a demonstration of how differently color is used in creating quilts. They share so many quilts with you, including ones they made together in a years-ago class. Come for the laughter, if for no other reason, and find out how these two feel about their color and quilts.

Worth A Thousand Words….and more!

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

This is the top of Kari’s Wedding Quilt as seen at a recent Tuesday drop-in (Tea with Carol Lee – February 1).  We met Kari while she was planning this quilt on paper, a couple of months before her wedding.  She will probably have it finished well before her first wedding anniversary.

Every inch of Kari’s quilt has been carefully planned and considered — it really teems with intention. She did a lovely job on this, her very first quilt. The circle with the fletched arrow feathers is the family crest for her husband’s family — which is now her family too!

Just another wonderful quilt tale.

We wish Kari and her Groom the very best — and many more, happy, quilts to come!