The things you learn in class

Why do you take classes?P1080419

Very often, I take a class to be social–I sign up with my sister or a friend, and we go together to get our stitch on.  I’m all about the community nature of quilting.  It’s the reason I joined a guild as well.

Sometimes I take a class because of the teacher.  *Sigh* there are some teachers out there who I would pay to go listen to them read the phone book.  They just have a way about them, you know?

But mostly, I take a class to learn new things.  Yep, I’m all about learning; knowledge is sexy.  I can take those individual skills I have learned in a class (paper-piecing, bias bindings, machine quilting, and on and on) and use them in so many other projects, going forward into the future.  I may have taken that class to make Miss Rosie’s Circle of Friends pattern (or the Sew Together Bag, to mention a more recent class)–but that doesn’t mean those skills don’t translate into every other quilting or sewing project.  All that knowledge just builds and builds.


Best part: you sometimes never know what tidbit you will learn in a class!  I’m serious–I learned how to use a seam-ripper in a class. (You know that wasn’t in the class description, but there you go.)


And very recently, a studP1080482ent in a class taught the teacher (and the rest of the class) a bit more about Wonder Clips.  Did you know they have markings along the flat side that correspond to measurements?

Who knew?

Apparently, this information is included in the packaging material for Wonder Clips.  Hidden, I tell you!  I never saw such information.

But there you go: one line is exactly 1/4″ from the edge of the clip; the other line is 3/16″.

Take a class!  You never know what you might learn.


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