Why No Patterns?

Dapper skeleton panel

Dapper skeleton panel

I have been sad sometimes that New Pieces doesn’t really carry patterns. We tell customers that there are plenty of patterns available in our books and magazines–which is true.  I think magazines can be a great source of inspiration, and often a wider variety of patterns for your $$ than books.

But the other reason we don’t carry patterns is that there are so many FREE patterns out there on the Internet, that it seems like overkill for us to ask you to purchase patterns.

Evidence: just the other day I found a blog post on Quilt Inspiration that gave a roundup of free Halloween patterns.


And for your Halloween viewing pleasure, we have lots of thematic fabrics in the store: panels and yardage.

Skeletons and Skulls!

Skeletons and Skulls!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that our skull/skeleton selection of fabrics is available year-round, due to Sharona’s not-so-secret love of them.  (Quilt on display in the store currently uses them in a very subtle way.)


Have you looked for free patterns?  Where have you found them?

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