Just Hanging Around…Quilts from Books, by Staff

 To celebrate mid-Summer (what’s a Dog-Day, anyway?) here are snapshots of three amazing quilts that are hanging in the Store — right now. We secretly think they might be even nicer than the original quilts on which they are based… but come see and let us know what you think. Apologies for the quality of the photos, taken with an iPhone today.


“Fire Drill,” by Leah Brown


  This pattern appears in Modern Patch Work, by Elizabeth Hartman.

(Quilting by Kathy Ritter)






“Tic Tac Wall Quilt,” by Kathy Ritter


 from a pattern in Cozy Modern Quilts, by Kim Schaefer.


(The Magic is in the Details)



“Riverbank,” by Kathy Ritter

From a pattern in Modern Blocks,

by Susanne Woods.


Thank you for letting us share with you all!


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  1. Way too late and a little off-topic, but I actually had to go out and look up what dog days meant not long ago. It’s apparently an old Roman phrase from way back; they knew it would be the muggiest, hottest days of summer when the sun rose under “Sirius” the dog constellation. Very farmers-almanac-y.

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