September 12 x 12″ x 12″ Challenge: Totem

Another month, another amazing set of 12 x 12s.  The theme was “totem” and we received a wide range of images reflecting personal imagery and iconography. Enjoy! There were remembrances, commemorations, a play on words or two, and an ironic comparison. Every single piece was thoughtfully designed and well executed. It was blissful to be at New Pieces as this group of quiltlets arrived one or two at a time towards the end of September.

“Kipling and the Moon”, by Judith Baker


“Goodbye, Kitty”, by Kathy Ritter


“crow totem”, by j.shon


“Penguin Chic”, by Heather Marshall Jacobsen


“Cross of St. Brigid”, by Margaret Bridge


“Bears in the Woods”, by Lois Helmbold


“Family Totems: Trillium and Jack-in-the-Pulpit”, by Lissa Miner


“Fish”, by Sharona Fischrup

This month’s “Favorite” totem was Jane Voytek’s “Owl”.  It is a very powerful image, and a brilliant use of the theme fabric. Jane’s piece will be displayed at New Pieces throughout the month of October, and she wins a $10 New Pieces Gift Certificate, and an authentic homemade ribbon. This is the second time Jane as had a 12 x 12″ “Favorite”.  Congratulations, Jane, and thank you everyone who played in the September challenge, or cast a vote in early October!

“Owl”, by Jane Voytek


The October theme is “Fall”. Additional information on the Challenge is available on our Facebook page. Come play with us!


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