The June 12 x 12″ x 12″ Quiltlets – Out of This World!

The Theme for June was “Out”, and the range of creative solutions was broad and delightful.

Heather Jacobsen and Claire Adams were on the same page with the bucolic  “Out in the Woods” and “Outside“, respectively.


Kathy Ritter gave us the amazing “June is Busting Out All Over“. Look! More Ants!

Lolly Schiffman sacrificed certain rules about form factors, etc., to bring us the most talked about piece of the month, “Where is the Cat?

(As the Pirates of the Caribbean would say about our rules, “We figured they were more actual guidelines…”)

Lissa Miner’s cat is “Out for Love“.  The front of her piece was delightful, but so was the back — and we wanted to share that with you, too.















Sharona Fischrup and Pat Dicker took their quiltlets in a more dynamic directions, with:

Sharona’s “White Out, Black Out, Crossout“, which includes strips that are actually woven and dimensional, and

Pat’s “In & Out“. Pat has the most grommets in a quiltlet, so far. And it’s a beautiful piece!

Fern Royce went a different, delightful way, with “Thinking Outside the Box“.  Yes the box is 3-D.


The last two quiltlets both embraced June as “Pride Month”, both with rainbow palettes, but very different techniques and concepts. Both wonderful.

Roxanne Fiscella created the joyous, “Out of the Closet“, and Jane Voytek gave us the most popular 12 x 12” of the month –and a flag with which to celebrate! Congratulations Jane, and everyone who played this month. You continue to find creative solutions for anything we throw at you!

Speaking of which….

The July Theme is “Fire”. Please look for updates on our Facebook page, and remember to visit New Pieces between August 1-5 to vote for your favorite. You don’t need to play to vote; if you want to play,  you can do just one challenge, or each month for the rest of this year.

We can’t wait to see what  you come up with next!





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