February 12 x 12″ x 12″ Challenge – “Heart”

The February quiltlets are as wonderful as their January cousins were. They represent a wide range of interpretation, and an even wider range of techniques. Additional information on these pieces is available on the New Pieces 12 x 12″ x 12″ Challenge page.  We received 16 finished pieces by the last day of February, and one of them will be declared the “Favorite” by popular vote of everyone who comes into New Pieces during the first 5 days of this month.


Lissa Miner                                                    Mary Risard Burnett


Gail Hynes Shea                                            Roxanne Fiscella


Jeanne Bartlett                                              Claire Adams


Kristin Takakuwa                                         Sharona Fischrup


Lisa Doyen                                                     Karen Dugas


Pat Dicker                                                     Betsy Livak


Heather Jacobsen                                         Julie Banfield


Kathy Ritter                                                    Jane Voytek









Lissa Miner

The next theme is “Spring”. If you’d like to take part in the March Challenge, come pick up your challenge “kit” (theme and fabric) at New Pieces. The kit is $3.00, and the “Favorite” receives a $10.00 New Pieces Gift Certificate. Deadline for finished pieces is 6:00pm, Saturday, March 31st. Come Play with Us!

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