Small Challenge for 2012


Birds of a Feather

Next year is 2012 — We challenge you to make twelve 12″ x 12″ quiltlets next year, one per month, using a minimally invasive theme and incorporating a challenge fabric, somewhere on the surface of the piece.

Each month’s fabric and theme will be available in the Store on the first of the month, or at an optional preview/show & tell held as late as possible the previous month.

All finished pieces will be displayed on our website. Each month we will pick a “winner” from the completed quiltlets, to display in the Store the following month.  That quiltlet’s maker will also receive a small gift certificate.

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10 Responses to “Small Challenge for 2012”

  1. sharona says:

    I can’t wait to see all the creativity – get ready get set…for 2012…

    What fun for the NEW YEAR!!!

  2. dorothy foster says:

    Count me in, but it sure would be great if each mini quilt weren’t bound so the 12 pieces could be made into a quilt. It would be more usable.

  3. sewberkeley says:

    Maybe we’ll think of new ways to use them, Dorothy! I can hardly wait to get started!
    What if your “quiltlets” become pages of a soft book for a special child, or pictures for a calendar, or presents for 12 different friends? Or maybe you’ll make the world’s most elegant potholders or antimacassars? Let’s figure this out as we go — the goal is to have as many options open as possible. What about an envelope binding (like a pillow case for the batting) and you can attach your blocks edge to edge like a quilt-as-you-go?

    Looking forward to seeing you and working all this out.
    Heather Jacobsen

  4. Sue says:

    What is a “minimally invasive theme”?

  5. May Lynne Gill says:

    Hi Heather! I’ve got my challenge fabric and my idea… Thanks for letting me know about this on facebook! We were going over the instructions down at New Pieces, and if a theme is already given for the month, does that theme need to be attached to the piece? I suppose it would make sense, considering we’re supposed to make 12 different ones during the year. But a little clarification would help.

    Thanks for nudging me towards being more creative this New Year (outside of the Kindergarten classroom)! I love that there are given parameters to help guide us…

  6. sewberkeley says:

    Dear Sue and May Lynne –

    The theme for the first month is “bird”. Our hope is that the theme points you an interesting way, without locking you in. You could, for instance, feature a bird, or a feather or an egg…or…?

    The theme is only as important as you want to make it. One idea is to riff off a/ny saying or adage about birds including one you invented for the occasion. Or, as I said, to use the theme as a stepping off point. This challenge is really about encouraging clever people to create, on a manageable scale, over a period of time. Welcome!

  7. roxanne says:

    I understand the theme is bird but what is the fabric? It’s a great idea and manageable in a busy life. Thanks, Roxanne

  8. sewberkeley says:

    Come in to New Pieces to pick it up! The fabric is an interesting ombred dot.

  9. May Lynne says:

    Hi Heather! Has a deadline been set for turning in our “Bird” quiltlets?

  10. sewberkeley says:

    The deadline is 6:00pm on the 30th (Monday), but you can bring your piece in ANYTIME we’re open between now and then. We’re putting them up as they arrive, because we just couldn’t resist! There is also an album on the New Pieces 12 x 12″ x 12″ Facebook Page.

    So much fun! Thanks for playing…

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