A Ghastly Quilt

Today at New Pieces we got to see Jan Nilsen’s just finished “Ghastlies” quilt. As she said, we’ve been cheerfully dispersing this fabric (from an Alexander Henry line), but probably hadn’t yet seen it made up.

She’s made great choices throughout; the result is a beautiful piece she can use for Halloween — but also other times. Well done, Jan, and thanks for coming in to share with us!


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5 Responses to “A Ghastly Quilt”

  1. sharona says:

    How CREATIVE is THIS QUILT!!! Thanks so much for sharing Jan, and thanks for posting for us all to enjoy Heather…

  2. Karen Waggoner says:

    What fantastic fabric, and a fabulous use of it! Might have to send my daughter down to get some for me. I haven’t seen it anywhere around here in CT.

  3. Tiana Alnas-Benson says:

    So whimsical and adorable!

  4. Melanie Gillette says:

    I love it! What pattern did she use, or is it her own design?

  5. sewberkeley says:

    I don’t remember whether she said she used a pattern. I do remember that preserving the larger images was a goal. It’s a fairly simple set, I think.

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