Meet the Mystery Quilter! Stacey Tunteri

Today’s “Mystery Quilter” talk featured Stacey Tunteri (both the e‘s are silent), and her stunning fan quilt. Stacey’s 12:30pm talk was a cheerful counterpoint to the gloomy day outside. A dozen quilters braved the rain, on the promise of a good story and a chance to learn something new. They weren’t disappointed!

The Story Behind the Quilt: Stacey made this fan quilt for a dear friend who was leaving a 10 year marriage. Stacey’s friend said she’d realized while moving out of her soon-to-be-ex house that everything there, from the furnishings to silverware to curtains, etc. had been chosen by her soon-to-be-ex husband. Nothing in the house was “hers”.  None of the choices were hers, nothing really belonged to her.  Stacey’s response was to design a quilt for her friend’s new home that would capture her personality and be a thing of beauty — and would belong only to her.

Stacey chose a wide range of wonderful prints that reminded her of her friend, “I tried to select, but I wanted to use ALL of them”, she said. She wanted an Asian influence overall, and took some pattern ideas from Jinny Beyer, drafting patterns for each fan full-size on graph paper. She practiced the ancient art of trial and error — remaking a block or two and replacing a couple as well. She learned by doing things the hard way how to do them the best way next time.  Like many quilters she expressed some satisfaction that every step reminded her of her friend, and that knowing for whom the quilt was being made simplified every decision. Making a quilt for a friend involves channeling that person’s energy and listening for the right answers to design problems – for that person.























One thing Stacey said that resonated with many around the table was that she had to  fight against “perfection,” because it’s   a goal that just wears you down. Its so much better to look at “creating”, a process that turns our mistakes into learning opportunities.

Thanks Stacey, for sharing your story with all of us. It was a treat!

Next month’s “Mystery Quilter” talk will be on April 19th, from 12:30-1:30pm, and is free to all. Hope to see you there!




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2 Responses to “Meet the Mystery Quilter! Stacey Tunteri”

  1. sharona says:

    Stacey was so generous with us, to share her thoughts, her feelings, her mistakes, her learnings. She even shared the one block – the one piece IN the block, that draws her attention EVERY time she looks at the quilt. So NOW WE ALL KNOW where that is…you all know what I mean, right!…THAT’s how generous Stacey was with us all…Thank you for being our Ides of March very first Mystery Quilter Stacey. HOORAYYYYYYYYY for CREATIVITY!

  2. Kathy Ritter says:

    Great blog, Sorry i missed the meeting!

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