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A Word From Our Sponsor….Nature

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

This has been one of those amazing weeks that featured rain, just when we all thought we were done with all that.

I hope that you all found a way to get beyond soaking wet feet and dubious traction for at least a few moments —  to enjoy some of the beauty of these difficult days. I forget sometimes that it’s the dark grey skies that give the most stunning, saturated colors of green and brown, and bring us the suddenly, wildly overgrown spring flowers. It’s not easy, but it is a joyful part of the cycle — and a great time to be inside sewing, or reading, or just looking out the window at the beauty of it all.

And of course, the view from the windows at Craneway Pavilion/the “Voices in Cloth” (EBHQ) Quilt show is spectacular too.

I don’t have pictures of the Show right now, but it really is wonderful. So many quilts, and such a range of talents and experience. It’s almost overwhelming to think that each one is the product of a unique concept, and a different set of hands. It’s like going to a commencement and realizing that every graduate is someone’s baby. Lovely, and almost overwhelming.

You’re likely to encounter old friends at “Voices in Cloth”,  and you might make some new ones. Go now, if you haven’t been yet – today until 4:00pm. Craneway Pavilion, in Richmond.

Hamlin Quilt

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

We were contacted in January of this year to make a quilt for the Hamlin School. We have made fund raising quilts with Hamlin in the past, but this one is unique.

The plan was to put profiles of all the kindergartners on the quilt, along with their names. These girls are the Class of 2019, Hamlin School.

The process involved printing nearly life-size profile photos of the girls on a photocopier, cutting the profiles from lovely sherbet colored batik fabrics and fusing the profiles, and the girls’ signatures, to the background. . Once fused, the pieces were stitched for permanence and the top was quilted by New Pieces quilt service. The topmost picture shows the quilt top before quilting.

What an amazing keepsake for this year, and for years to come!