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Treasures from The Hunt

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

This batik would make a great (and inexpensive) backing

This month, New Pieces is having a sale we’re calling Treasure Hunt.  It’s a hunt because the sale is based on the date written on the bolt end.  We are wanting our older fabrics to go find new homes.


For example:  A 2011 fabric will be on sale for $11.00 per yard (unless the price listed is already lower than that).


Well, I happen to know we have dozens of bolts that are older than 2010!  Less than $10 a yard–can you imagine?

Bright print from the Kaffe & friends wall

Bright print from the Kaffe & friends wall

So I took a spin around the store and pulled out just a few fabrics.  Can we tempt you to come in and search for those bargains?


Selvage love

Saturday, October 24th, 2015
Selvages need love, too!

Selvages need love, too!

Have you made a project with selvages yet?  Are you saving up your fabric selvages?


Kathy Ritter has two selvage projects in the works, and they are inspiring!


Unfinished, but I’m liking it so far!

Even better, some manufacturers have caught on, and are making selvages that want to be on view.


I had some fun the other day in the store hunting down a sample of selvage cuteness.  It seems like Robert Kaufman has the most consistent use of thematic selvages.


Well, what are you waiting for?  A quick Pinterest search reveals that there are plenty of ways to use this bounty of fabric cast-offs.  Come show us your projects!


Cutest. Fabric. Everrr.

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Okay, you already know I am biased, but I am in love with our Sushi Roll fabric packs!


Aren’t they adorable?!  I could just eat them up.  Sizeable chunks of our lovely, textured Asian fabrics (approx. fat eighth size each), thoughtfully curated and color-coordinated into 5-pack or 6-pack bundles.  All ready for you to take home and get to sewin’.

P1080218The process of selecting and bundling these fabrics takes time: sharp eyes look for good coordination of color, scale, and even theme to ensure you have an amazing array of Asian wonders to add to your fabric diet.

I think they are the perfect tidbit to get your feet wet with sewing true, treasured Asian fabrics.


Wondering what you could sew with these?  Well, one of our employees took home a pack and stitched up a pillow, using simple Seminole piecing.



Another employee has her eye on the Sew Together Bag (a class coming up on September 26th) as a way to play with these Asian beauties.

For yet more inspiration, look no further than the classic Bento Box pattern.  Colorful Sushi Roll scraps might be just the flavor you need for the centers of this traditional pattern; you could pair this treasure trove of loveliness with muted fabrics from your stash.  There is a wonderful Bento Box quilt on display in the shop right now–more food for your quilting imagination!


A Word From Our Sponsor….Nature

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

This has been one of those amazing weeks that featured rain, just when we all thought we were done with all that.

I hope that you all found a way to get beyond soaking wet feet and dubious traction for at least a few moments —  to enjoy some of the beauty of these difficult days. I forget sometimes that it’s the dark grey skies that give the most stunning, saturated colors of green and brown, and bring us the suddenly, wildly overgrown spring flowers. It’s not easy, but it is a joyful part of the cycle — and a great time to be inside sewing, or reading, or just looking out the window at the beauty of it all.

And of course, the view from the windows at Craneway Pavilion/the “Voices in Cloth” (EBHQ) Quilt show is spectacular too.

I don’t have pictures of the Show right now, but it really is wonderful. So many quilts, and such a range of talents and experience. It’s almost overwhelming to think that each one is the product of a unique concept, and a different set of hands. It’s like going to a commencement and realizing that every graduate is someone’s baby. Lovely, and almost overwhelming.

You’re likely to encounter old friends at “Voices in Cloth”,  and you might make some new ones. Go now, if you haven’t been yet – today until 4:00pm. Craneway Pavilion, in Richmond.

Seeing Dots and Spots

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Sometimes customers come to New Pieces looking for dots…

Polka dots, and spots, and the usual “I’ll know it when I see it”…

Sometimes customers don’t tell staff what they’re looking for….

but, maybe they find something they love.  As they get ready to leave…

they discover a few bolts of dots and spots they missed before…

Come in soon — we promise to have at least a few bolts of dotty fabric for you…

(Psssssst — They’re under the counter by the cash register!)

Good Foundations for Your Piecing

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Let’s imagine you’re looking for the perfect Winter project.

It should have a real wow factor, but also be doable in small pieces. Maybe you’ll be working by the light of a single lantern in your sewing room…or maybe your Bernina will bask in Ott-Light bliss…. Whatever the circumstances, pre-printed muslin foundations are a really clever idea, and once your quilt is finished no one will know you used them — unless you tell them.


New Pieces has three new bolts of Benartex muslin foundation cloth right now. There is also a lovely quilt on display that was made using the fabric foundation method. (If it looks familiar it appeared in the last blog entry, too).

Why Yes, We Do Have Organic Cottons….

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

15 bolts of solid “sheeting” weight fabrics in vivid colors

Plus an adorable selection of “Robot” themed prints, made in the same vivid, low-impact dyes. All these organics are standard 44″ width, and yes they cost a little bit more than the equivalent. Come See!

More From Marcia Derse

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

New this week at New Pieces — more luscious prints from Marcia Derse which work with and expand the selection we already have from earlier this year. Marcia Derse fabrics are commercially printed from her hand painted textiles.

Also from Marcia Derse,


We also have received several bolts of her stunning, saturated, solid-like colors that work brilliantly with her prints and with those from the Kaffe Fassett line…. and almost any saturated colors or batiks you have in your stash, or were resisting adding to it…

At this rate Derse could become an adjective to describe intense, slightly edgy, modern quilting fabrics.

Extra-wide Fabric (We Have Your Back!)

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

With the latest arrivals, we now have a wonderful selection of extra-wide fabrics for quilt backs, comforter covers or anything else for which you need stunning 100% cottons in widths from 106″ to 112″.

  Amazing and easy — and less costly than piecing a comparable back!

Have you Made a New (School) Year’s Resolution?

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

There’s a new school year right around the corner — Children are sharpening their pencils and laying out outfits and backpacks for return to the local grade schools. High school students are upgrading their high-techery and scuffing their shoes for an optimal first-day cool.  UC Berkeley is filling up, and classes start on Thursday; many of us have college students long gone for the Fall term. It was 78 degrees (F) in Berkeley today — a sure sign that the cool Summer weather is coming to an end, and a hot Bay Autumn is at hand. It’s time to get started, on something!

Becky Keck showing off a Freshly Quilted Work of Art (FQWA)

What’s your plan? Are you ready to do something new (or get back to doing something you used to love before life got so hectic?) Why not make your New Year’s Resolution NOW, at the beginning of the school year — instead of waiting until January when days are short, veggies are scarce and hibernation beckons?

Maybe this is the year you join a quilt guild; you can choose from the likes of  EBHQ , a venerable and powerful local group that meets in Kensington, the last Monday evening of the month (August 29th), or East Bay Modern Quilt Guild, a smaller newer group that meets at New Pieces on the last Tuesday (August 30). Here’s a list of other Quilt Guilds in the area, if you’re from farther out. You could finally take that class you’ve been meaning to at New Pieces. Maybe you can just make a promise to make yourself, and your sewing, a higher priority than it may have been lately.

Now is a perfect time to think about sharing a quilt or your skill with others:

You can make something for a loved one. You can teach a loved one, or an acquaintance, or a a classroom full of children to make something.

You can donate a quilt to either Quilts4Japan or Children’s Quilts/EBHQ . Q4J has collected hundreds of quilts to send to those in need; Children’s Quilts has packets of pre-selected, pre-cut fabrics available (free!) for you to assemble. You can pick one up at New Pieces Quilt Store; you can also drop off donations for either group at the Store, any time we are open.

EBHQ members can show off a quilt at the November meeting (“Show-and-Tell”) or start planning to display one in Voices in Cloth 2012 a sensational biennial quilt show to be held on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond.

There are so many other ways you can share your skills and knowledge. We just want to give you a little nudge, and encourage you to get started on what’s next. We’re living in challenging times. Sewing something is a calming, reassuring, affirming way to deal with uncertain times. Quilting is good for us and for everyone.

Happy New Year!