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Treasures from The Hunt

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

This batik would make a great (and inexpensive) backing

This month, New Pieces is having a sale we’re calling Treasure Hunt.  It’s a hunt because the sale is based on the date written on the bolt end.  We are wanting our older fabrics to go find new homes.


For example:  A 2011 fabric will be on sale for $11.00 per yard (unless the price listed is already lower than that).


Well, I happen to know we have dozens of bolts that are older than 2010!  Less than $10 a yard–can you imagine?

Bright print from the Kaffe & friends wall

Bright print from the Kaffe & friends wall

So I took a spin around the store and pulled out just a few fabrics.  Can we tempt you to come in and search for those bargains?


Just Hanging Around…Quilts from Books, by Staff

Friday, July 19th, 2013

 To celebrate mid-Summer (what’s a Dog-Day, anyway?) here are snapshots of three amazing quilts that are hanging in the Store — right now. We secretly think they might be even nicer than the original quilts on which they are based… but come see and let us know what you think. Apologies for the quality of the photos, taken with an iPhone today.


“Fire Drill,” by Leah Brown


  This pattern appears in Modern Patch Work, by Elizabeth Hartman.

(Quilting by Kathy Ritter)






“Tic Tac Wall Quilt,” by Kathy Ritter


 from a pattern in Cozy Modern Quilts, by Kim Schaefer.


(The Magic is in the Details)



“Riverbank,” by Kathy Ritter

From a pattern in Modern Blocks,

by Susanne Woods.


Thank you for letting us share with you all!


We Make Mistakes So You Don’t Have To!

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

This cautionary tale comes from our dear Margaret. When she finishes her quilt top, we’ll ask her to send us an updated picture:

There are a few lessons in life that you “get” to learn the hard way in order to never make the same mistake again:

Forgetting to back up your hard drive

Forgetting to put postage on your tax forms

Forgetting your passport at home on a trip to Ireland

I can add one more to the list….

Recently I started the Pathfinder Quilt that was printed in the Winter 2012/2013 International Quilt Festival magazine. This quilt is to be a baby quilt for my first ever nephew and rightfully I was excited to start. I had carefully gathered my chosen fabric and with rotary cutter in hand I delved into the cutting process.

The pattern has two template pieces included in the magazine. I dutifully followed the direction and enlarged them both to 110%. I then cut out eighty (eighty!!) pieces of each template. Whew! One of the pattern pieces is an arc about an inch wide. I sewed the 80 arcs together in groups of four to make 20 circles. WHEW! I then had to sew each of those circles onto precut circles, forming an outline. I had never sewn curves before but figured that if I followed all the directions as I had so far that easing the seams would be a piece of cake! I pinned about six circles ready for sewing and started my machine.

The first circle looked…funny. I thought that maybe I just needed more practice easing my seams. The 2nd and 3rd did not get better. I kept going, though, determined that I would master this. I started to doubt my abilities though. Maybe I was actually a bad seamstress! Maybe I wasn’t as good as I thought I was! My confidence was eroding away with every seam and pleated circle. It was horrible.

After the six I just KNEW something had to be wrong. One quick Google search later provided the answer:

there was a misprint in the magazine and the arc template was printed incorrectly.

The right circle is smaller than the wrong circle….

Insert frustrated scream of rage here.

I was able to download the correct arc template but damage had already been done. I had lost 2 yards of material and about 7 hours of my time. The pain of the loss was horrible.

The good news is that the correct arc template DOES work and two days later (after the appropriate grieving time) I was able to start cutting and sewing again.

The other good news is that I have learned a VALUABLE lesson and one that hopefully you won’t have to learn the hard way.

When doing a pattern for the first time, especially if it is a new pattern from a magazine or a website, I recommend doing the following steps:
1) VET YOUR PATTERN: Before you start cutting or even buying your fabric do a quick internet search on the pattern to see if there are any notes about a misprint or errors. If it’s from a magazine, check the magazine’s website. If it’s a website, check to see if there are any pattern updates. Spending 20 minutes searching can save you hours in loss time.

2) MAKE A SAMPLE BLOCK: You can do this with scrap material so you don’t waste perfectly good fabric or you can do it with fabric you intend to use. Either way, go through the steps to make ONE block. This will let you know right away if there’s any problems with the instructions and it will also let you know if there’s anything “tricky” that you might not have been prepared for.


The completed squares are now ready to put together. What fun fabrics Margaret chose!

3) NEVER DOUBT YOUR ABILITIES: One of the worst things I did was allow myself to sew six circles before I thought something was wrong with the pattern. I kept thinking that I was the problem, that my lack of skill was what was wrong. If I had stopped after the second circle I would have saved a lot of my time.

The best of luck to all you and I hope you never have to learn this lesson the hard way!

Margaret Bridge

May 12″ x 12″ Quiltlets

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

The theme was “May __________” and the responses were delightful!

“May’s Green Grass Turns to Gold,” Pat Dicker

“May the Force be With You,” Mary Risard Burnett

“Ant Bivalence,” by Lolly Schiffman

“May-Nays,” by Annalisa Tay

“A Bike RIde in May,” by Roxanne Fiscella

“May All Beings Live in Peace,” by Jane Voytek

“May I Eat with You?” by Claire Adams

“Mother May I?” by Sharona Fischrup

“After the Picnic’s Over,” by Kathy Ritter

“May Day Picnic,” by Nancy Sumner

“May Apple,” by Heather Jacobsen

“Mayan Galactic Butterfly: Hunab Ku,” by Lissa Miner

And the Official “Favorite” for May, 2012 is:

“Mae Has Ants in Her Pants,” Fern Royce

Join us for June (the June theme is “Out” and the deadline is always the last day of the month)

Voting for each month’s “Favorite” takes place the first five days of the following month (June voting, for May, etc.) at New Pieces Quilt Store.

Sew With Sho – Banish UFOs

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
One of the things we want to do this year at New Pieces is to find ways to help you (our friends and customers) get from where you are in your quilt journey to wherever you want to be. We are offering a range of new classes and groups towards this end.
One option is this monthly class, Sew with Sho. Sew with Sho is an opportunity to work on something new, or something old, with the support of a group, and under Sharona’s guidance.
Join Sho on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in 2012, from 11:00 to 1:00 pm or 6:00 to 8:00 pm with the goal of doing something challenging for you — whether that’s starting a new project or finishing an old one; learning to take your sewing a little more seriously or yourself a little less…
Bring your machine and fabric from your stash, or let us help you move in a direction that’s new for you. Batiks? Large Prints? Asian Indigos? Come play with fabric and set your own goals. Help protect the planet from being overrun by UFOs!
For each block, quilt or UFO you complete you will be entered into a monthly drawing!
Come and sew! Come and enjoy the company of other quilters! Come finish a project!


Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

New Pieces is fortunate to have a friend like Pat Dicker.  We’re even more fortunate that Pat is willing to share with us her mastery of  the techniques that showcase her own wonderful work. On Saturday December 3 (this weekend), Pat is teaching “Binding Basics” at the Store, from 10-1:00pm. In this three hour class Pat covers making a standard binding from start to perfectly joined ends.

There is no more pleasant way to finally subdue those mitered corners. If there is time we will also covered faced bindings and how to finish an edge beautifully with machine satin stitch. This class is open and appropriate for all levels.

No matter how busy your December is, Pat’s class is one that will give you time back, in the long run — Did we mention it will be fun?

Call soon, space is limited and Saturday looms.

Mystery Quilter – Linda Shank

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011


It’s hard to describe Linda’s energy using a still camera. She displays a special, wonderful brand of off-kilter, scrappiness in both her quilts and her demeanor.

In addition to her quilts on the walls, Linda pulled out a table’s worth of placemats and a runner, all with Christmas batiks on one side, and more summery fabrics on the reverse.

Pauline Stone Pearsall (October Mystery Quilter) was there, and called Linda’s binding method alone, “worth the price of admission” (Pauline’s no slouch at humor, either!). It was a lively and inspiring hour, and we are so glad she could be here! Check the class schedule to see when the next Mystery Quilter will be joining us.


Extra-wide Fabric (We Have Your Back!)

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

With the latest arrivals, we now have a wonderful selection of extra-wide fabrics for quilt backs, comforter covers or anything else for which you need stunning 100% cottons in widths from 106″ to 112″.

  Amazing and easy — and less costly than piecing a comparable back!

Do You Know About Our Website?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

when you get ALL your tools together, you might need a computer!

Sometimes a customer has a question for which the answer is “Have you seen our Website?”.  It’s tricky to write about the website, since you’re ON the website right now — but maybe a quick introduction is in order — it will help you get more out of what is available at New Pieces.

The New Pieces website has Contact information for the Store, and Directions for getting to our Store (at 766 Gilman Street). You can read About New Pieces for information about the Store and the Staff. And of course it wouldn’t be a quilt store without a place for “Show and Tell”. We are always looking for pictures to add to our gallery of proud friends and customers.

Under Quilting Service is a brief explanation of the quilt related services available at New Pieces. Even old friends of New Pieces may be surprised at the range of tasks we can do for you when you don’t want to do them yourself. We recommend reading this part of the website to acquaint yourself with the range of possibilities, and their estimated costs. “Quilting Service” also has samples of some of the quilting designs we offer — and precise instructions on preparing your quilt top & back for longarm quilt service — Reading these instructions can save you time and money.

In Classes you will find a calendar of all upcoming events and classes and a description for each class – usually with a photo of the class sample quilt. While we have always tried to indicate how much experience you may need for certain classes, we recently began tagging some classes as being especially appropriate for certain kinds of students:


If you find a class that interests you, you can register by phone or come see us in person. If you are looking for a particular class or pattern, there is also a search function (click on “go here>>” on the Classes page to get there). If you still don’t see what you’re looking for — let us know!


...Have you seen the Mystery Quilter?

SO… since you’re reading this you already found the Blog.  You either got here by clicking “Blog” on the navigation bar (the red bar under where it says “New Pieces Quilt Store & Gallery”, or by clicking link from our Facebook page. The Blog is meant to give you an idea of what we’re about. We use it brag about students and teachers and to remind you about upcoming classes; we mention new things happening in the store and offer tips and how-tos. The Blog is about the things we’d tell you if you were right here in the Store. If there are things you want to know more (or less) about please don’t hesitate to let us know, either as a comment here, or on the New Pieces Quilt Store  Facebook page. It’s not a conversation without your input!

Rearranging the Fabric…

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Only our regular customers will be confused, but Staff (and friendly customers) have been moving the fabric around the Store. The most noticeable change is documented below:

















Where once a wall of black and white fabrics greeted you at the door, there is now an equally wonderful section of more modern prints, organized by designer.

Don’t panic! The black and whites have moved to a place slightly farther from the door. With more space they can exhale, and expand a little, too.

There is now also a bay of fabrics at 25% off 1/2 yard cuts, in addition to the 1/2 price bay. There are many more subtle changes, and we hope you’ll check in with us about the ones that work and the ones that don’t. Our goal is always to remain recognizably the New Pieces you know and love — but still to find ways we can improve what we do… you know that quilters love to hear “Oh, that works!”



P.S. For those of you less familiar with the New Pieces Quilt Store, there is a “tour” of the Store (in photos) on the New Pieces Quilt Store page on Facebook. Enjoy!