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The things you learn in class

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Why do you take classes?P1080419

Very often, I take a class to be social–I sign up with my sister or a friend, and we go together to get our stitch on.  I’m all about the community nature of quilting.  It’s the reason I joined a guild as well.

Sometimes I take a class because of the teacher.  *Sigh* there are some teachers out there who I would pay to go listen to them read the phone book.  They just have a way about them, you know?

But mostly, I take a class to learn new things.  Yep, I’m all about learning; knowledge is sexy.  I can take those individual skills I have learned in a class (paper-piecing, bias bindings, machine quilting, and on and on) and use them in so many other projects, going forward into the future.  I may have taken that class to make Miss Rosie’s Circle of Friends pattern (or the Sew Together Bag, to mention a more recent class)–but that doesn’t mean those skills don’t translate into every other quilting or sewing project.  All that knowledge just builds and builds.


Best part: you sometimes never know what tidbit you will learn in a class!  I’m serious–I learned how to use a seam-ripper in a class. (You know that wasn’t in the class description, but there you go.)


And very recently, a studP1080482ent in a class taught the teacher (and the rest of the class) a bit more about Wonder Clips.  Did you know they have markings along the flat side that correspond to measurements?

Who knew?

Apparently, this information is included in the packaging material for Wonder Clips.  Hidden, I tell you!  I never saw such information.

But there you go: one line is exactly 1/4″ from the edge of the clip; the other line is 3/16″.

Take a class!  You never know what you might learn.


Cutest. Fabric. Everrr.

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Okay, you already know I am biased, but I am in love with our Sushi Roll fabric packs!


Aren’t they adorable?!  I could just eat them up.  Sizeable chunks of our lovely, textured Asian fabrics (approx. fat eighth size each), thoughtfully curated and color-coordinated into 5-pack or 6-pack bundles.  All ready for you to take home and get to sewin’.

P1080218The process of selecting and bundling these fabrics takes time: sharp eyes look for good coordination of color, scale, and even theme to ensure you have an amazing array of Asian wonders to add to your fabric diet.

I think they are the perfect tidbit to get your feet wet with sewing true, treasured Asian fabrics.


Wondering what you could sew with these?  Well, one of our employees took home a pack and stitched up a pillow, using simple Seminole piecing.



Another employee has her eye on the Sew Together Bag (a class coming up on September 26th) as a way to play with these Asian beauties.

For yet more inspiration, look no further than the classic Bento Box pattern.  Colorful Sushi Roll scraps might be just the flavor you need for the centers of this traditional pattern; you could pair this treasure trove of loveliness with muted fabrics from your stash.  There is a wonderful Bento Box quilt on display in the shop right now–more food for your quilting imagination!


The Sewing Room Beckons

Friday, July 24th, 2015

New Pieces is hosting drop-in sew times on the last Friday of each month this summer.  Here is the view last month


Notice how sad and lonely that one little project looks.  It needs some company.  Won’t you come out and sew?

Check the New Pieces class calendar: Final Friday Finish-it-Up, 1:00 to 5:00; a trained sewist will be on hand to help with any little bits that have kept you from finishing a project (or two).

P1080229The finished product:  It’s amazing what can get done when there is space, and a design wall, and some sewing expertise all thrown into the mix.

New Fabrics, New Classes, New Quilts…

Friday, October 10th, 2014

There is always something new to inspire you when you come into our shop. If you have questions about your quilt, bring it in and our highly trained employees, with years of experience of sewing and quilting, will be glad to help you. Our newest staff, April Shoemaker is just learning about quilting, but has been sewing her own clothes for years. And if she can’t personally help you, she will make sure you get your answers.

We have the best customers and they will often help you out with color selections, feedback on your choices, on notions, and other great ideas. Feel free to ask anyone in the store for feedback!

When you bring in your quilt to be machine quilted we will gather everyone around and ooh and ahh! We love to stop and enjoy the beauty of your quilt. We are inspired by your work!

If you come to shop with a non-quilter, husband, or other (possibly) disinterested soul, come before 3 pm and let them eat at Gilman Grill. We are in the parking lot on 4th and Gilman (despite what your GPS says), right behind the Gilman Grill.

If you are looking for some part-time work, and like to work with great co-workers and customers, this is the place to be. When April came in the store she felt she was surrounded by everything her mother loved, and in her honor, hung one of her mother’s favorite batik quilts in the classroom.

We have a saying here: “If you are feeling down, come hug a bolt of fabric.”

Wow! New Asian Fabric Just In!

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

asian waves fabric     shimmery tiny squares fabric


Treasures from Kona Bay.  No need to say more. mmmmmmmmm.

Just Hanging Around…Quilts from Books, by Staff

Friday, July 19th, 2013

 To celebrate mid-Summer (what’s a Dog-Day, anyway?) here are snapshots of three amazing quilts that are hanging in the Store — right now. We secretly think they might be even nicer than the original quilts on which they are based… but come see and let us know what you think. Apologies for the quality of the photos, taken with an iPhone today.


“Fire Drill,” by Leah Brown


  This pattern appears in Modern Patch Work, by Elizabeth Hartman.

(Quilting by Kathy Ritter)






“Tic Tac Wall Quilt,” by Kathy Ritter


 from a pattern in Cozy Modern Quilts, by Kim Schaefer.


(The Magic is in the Details)



“Riverbank,” by Kathy Ritter

From a pattern in Modern Blocks,

by Susanne Woods.


Thank you for letting us share with you all!


New Pieces for New Pieces Blog

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Good things come in pieces!

The blog is back after a few months away!

A lot is happening at New Pieces * and in the local quilting world. We’d like to use the blog as another way to reinforce the New Pieces Quilt community. I will be looking for items to post about gadgets and techniques, to alternate with  stories about the quilts and quilters in our midst, and other stuff of interest to you all. You are invited to send  your ideas for blog entries to New Pieces, or to write something yourself and send it to me. Pictures are welcome too!

*Many of you will notice that this amazing 360 degree picture of the store is filled with quilts by staff emeritae. We are rebuilding our teaching program as you read this. Please ask about the changes underway, and feel free to suggest great teachers and classes to us!

October 12 x 12″ x 12″ Challenge — “Fall”

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Another amazing month, another collection of 12″ x 12″ quiltlets on the wall at New Pieces. October’s theme was “Fall”, which could have been pretty straight forward for a lesser group of quilters.  The theme fabric was a yellow with a wood-grain pattern (sort of).  The results follow – the description is below each picture.

“The Fall”, by j. schon

This piece, based on Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, illustrates Satan being thrown out of Heaven, and falling into the depths of Hell. The Angels are screen-printed on an appliqued background.

“Fall”, by Judith Baker

Judith used fused applique and pieced borders to catch fall leaves in mid-air.

“Autumn”, by Candy Simonen

“Autumn” is log-cabin pieced, with machine quilting that accentuates the single-point perspective.

“Five Second Rule”, by Heather Jacobsen

Heather used the theme fabric in over-sized candy corn, which is displayed as if it has fallen on the damp pavement, but hasn’t been on the ground long enough to collect germs — it’s still good!

“Rain”, by Jane Voytek

“Rain” combines piecing and machine stitching to make a dynamic, almost visceral piece.

“New Englander Fall”, by Kathy Ritter

Kathy presents leaves familiar to many of us who started on the East Coast. Oak, Maple, Tulip Poplar….

“Yellow Falls”, by Lissa Miner

Lissa’s piece has a third dimension made from stones and “fog”, and a llama, on a pieced and heavily hand-embroidered representation of  a fantasy waterfall.

And the Winner is:

“Fall – Or Summer Takes a Trip”, by Pat Mitchnick

Log-cabin piecing, with a three-dimensional “Summer” tumbling down the stairs. Delightful and whimsical. Congratulations Pat, and thank you all for Playing!

The November Challenge has now begun. The theme is “Bounty”, and the fabric can be seen on our Facebook Page and “kits” are available at New Pieces. Deadline for November is 6:00pm on Friday, November 30, 2012. Have Fun!

About “Licensed” Fabrics

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

From V.I.P.’s Countryside – Hautman Collection

New Pieces has received a few bolts of fabric over the last few months with this statement (or similar) on the selvedge.  It turns out the debate over control of the design of fabric that goes into your project is again warming up.

Here’s the history:  There has always been an issue regarding the use of commercially licensed fabrics in quilts and other textile-based crafts.  A few years ago there was a frou-frou about Amy Butler designed fabrics and others that were re-worked designs from a vintage collection, or from unknown vintage designers. The link above is to a summary blog post on that issue which includes many useful links about fair use and copyright. (The blog is called “True Up” and the blogger is listed as “Kim” – more information when I have it!)

So here’s the new issue:  We are receiving fabric  — currently from only one or two sources — that isn’t licensed or even very singular in design. Sharona has been asking our distributors for clarification, and I have been doing some research. For us it’s not sufficient that the manufacturers and reps  “think” the statement is not a problem our customers need to worry about. The definition of “individual consumption” is unclear.  It may be that personal use, or a gift given to a family member is not a problem — or that a few items on, or a few dozen for the church craft-fair. My personal belief is that it’s an unenforceable standard just intended as a warning or threat, and that a few years from now the issue will be clear and settled…

In the meantime:  New Pieces has taken the position that we will not currently order fabric with this statement (or similar) because of the confusion surrounding this issue. If fabric so marked arrives in the store we will return it to the manufacturer.  We confess to having a handful of bolts on the shelves already, and we can’t send them back. We trust in the intelligence and discernment of our customers to make informed decisions about what constitutes fair use, and will point out the warning when we see it.

If nothing else, we have the makings of an interesting discussion — We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and admit to the inconvenience it has caused us.

May 12″ x 12″ Quiltlets

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

The theme was “May __________” and the responses were delightful!

“May’s Green Grass Turns to Gold,” Pat Dicker

“May the Force be With You,” Mary Risard Burnett

“Ant Bivalence,” by Lolly Schiffman

“May-Nays,” by Annalisa Tay

“A Bike RIde in May,” by Roxanne Fiscella

“May All Beings Live in Peace,” by Jane Voytek

“May I Eat with You?” by Claire Adams

“Mother May I?” by Sharona Fischrup

“After the Picnic’s Over,” by Kathy Ritter

“May Day Picnic,” by Nancy Sumner

“May Apple,” by Heather Jacobsen

“Mayan Galactic Butterfly: Hunab Ku,” by Lissa Miner

And the Official “Favorite” for May, 2012 is:

“Mae Has Ants in Her Pants,” Fern Royce

Join us for June (the June theme is “Out” and the deadline is always the last day of the month)

Voting for each month’s “Favorite” takes place the first five days of the following month (June voting, for May, etc.) at New Pieces Quilt Store.